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  • Sustainability
    We are continuously reducing our environmental impact and we strive to ensure our customers benefit from the low carbon status of our products
  • Products
    CenCrete Zero is a highly consistent product range with the lowest possible carbon footprint
  • Zero Carbon
    Because carbon does matter, CenEcoCrete Zero has virtually zero embodied carbon
Cenin Ultra Low Carbon Cement is a low carbon cement product designed to compliment recycled aggregates in construction, adding strength and controlling moisture contents.
Cenin Fly Ash is a sustainable product produced to optimise its fineness, reducing the water demand and improving the chemical composition to maximise benefits when used in concrete.
Cenin Soil Stabilisation and Binders are especially designed to drive off moisture in  and provide stabilisation and strength to soils, roads, pavements and hard-standings.
Cenin Research Centre can undertake independent testing and analysis of client's concrete, cement and aggregate products in their UKAS accredited laboratory.